The Prince Arts Program

The Prince Arts Program supports arts groups in the city of Chicago with annual budgets above $2,000,000. Organizations with budgets between $500,000 and $2,000,000 may apply to the MacArthur Fund for Arts and Culture at Prince.

Selected grantsLarge Operating Support Grants

Application for large operating support is by invitation only. Unsolicited proposals cannot be accepted.

These grants reward organizations with budgets over $10,000,000 that meet the highest standards of artistic quality, professional and financial management, good planning and community participation. These are the leaders in the arts community that provide models of best practice. Grants of up to $25,000 per year may be awarded. Application to this category is by invitation only.

Selected grantsMid-Sized Operating Support Grants

Grants of $20,000 may be awarded to companies with budgets between $2,000,000 and $10,000,000 that meet similarly high standards of artistic excellence, organizational strength and service to the community.

Selected grantsSpecial Project Grants

Available to current recipients of PCT operating support this program provides grants to organizations of significance to the community at critical points in their development. These project grants typically support programs or positions that strengthen the management, or the artistic capacity of an organization. Applicants must demonstrate that the project is part of a larger plan for the future of the company, and that after the grant period, the improvement can be sustained. These are often two-year grants in the range of $25,000 per year with annual review. Please contact Benna Wilde, Director of Programming for Arts and Culture before applying.

Selected grantsThe Prince Prize for Commissioning Original Work

Application for the Prince Prize is by invitation only. Unsolicited proposals cannot be accepted.

An award of $75,000 will be made each year to a major Chicago dance, music or theater company. The Prince Prize will commission a promising mid-career artist chosen by the performing arts company. The intent of the Prize program is to serve as a catalyst for creative collaboration between promising artists and Chicago’s highest caliber performing arts organizations. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to showcase both the artists and Chicago’s great performing arts companies to the Chicago public and the nation.

Grants will be made to select Chicago performing arts organizations that will choose the artist to be commissioned. The application is to name the artist and lay out a plan for creation and performance of the work. The commissioning company must premiere the work within an agreed-upon period as part of its regular season. Workshop or “special” one-time performances are not acceptable. Grants will be in the amount of $75,000 of which at least $25,000 is restricted to the commissioning award. Companies may use additional funds for interim workshop and development expenses, copying fees and toward the premiere production.

Funding decisions are made on the basis of the organizational and artistic excellence of the producing company and the promise of the creative artist. The relationship should lead to growth both for the creator and the company, as well as a fine production of an exciting new work.

It is hoped that the new work will enter the permanent repertoire of the company, or that the company will actively promote performances by other groups after an appropriate period of exclusivity. In addition, the foundation encourages the producing company to feature both the artist and the work as much as possible, both to further the artist’s career and to encourage other sources of support for commissioning to come forward.

The foundation encourages, but does not require the commissioning of work from American artists.