Areas of Interest

Selected grantsARTS AND CULTURE

The Trusts support the core mission of organizations that:

  • Serve residents and visitors to Aquidneck Island
  • Preserve the cultural heritage of Newport.

Selected grantsENVIRONMENT

The Trusts support programs for Aquidneck Island that:

  • Preserve and protect open space
  • Support smart growth and coordinated planning
  • Preserve, protect and restore Narragansett Bay.


The Trusts support programs and projects that:

  • Maintain the historic character of the city of Newport and surrounding communities
  • Preserve and protect Newport buildings of particular historic and aesthetic significance.

Selected grantsSOCIAL SERVICES

The Trusts support agencies and projects for Aquidneck Island that:

  • Provide emergency services for individuals or families in need of food, shelter or other basic necessities
  • Support low-income families
  • Offer primary health care to the uninsured
  • Provide low-income women with necessary services.

Selected grantsCAPITAL

A very small number of capital grants may be awarded each year to organizations with which the Trust have had long prior relationships.