Frederick Henry Prince Testamentary Trust
Frederick Henry Prince Trust 7/9/47
Abbie Norman Prince Trust

The Prince Charitable Trusts were established in 1947 from the bequests of Frederick Henry Prince (1859-1953) and his wife, Abbie Norman Prince (1860-1949). The three trusts operate as a family foundation with giving programs in the city of Chicago, the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, and the state of Rhode Island.

F.H. Prince was a Bostonian entrepreneur who owned a brokerage and investment banking firm. He later became a financier and an early investor in railroads. He was owner of the legendary Union Stockyards in Chicago and is credited with developing the first planned urban industrial real estate park in that city, and in the world. F. H. Prince and his wife also were residents of Newport, Rhode Island.

Areas of funding interest, application procedures, and contact information vary by giving program. Explore our web site to learn more about all three giving programs including our recent grants.